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About us
  • Thriden Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional supplier which integrated R&D, production, sale and service in one, dedicates in providing CNC dental solutions for milling center or dental lab, such as stunning function 5 Axes linkage milling machine, high quality zirconia block for restoration , precision moulded disc and drills.

    More than thirteen years ago, we are only a dental lab and now this lab is still running. In 2009, Mr Sun has met with our technical director who just got the PhD on ceramic in Stockholm University Sweden. Backed up by the team of technician and engineers who have sophisticated experiences in dental, after few days communication and chatting. they made a big decision—venturing into R&D and production of CADCAM milling machine and dental zirconia disc. In the last 6 years, we are always in researching and improvement based on customers’ feedback and requirement, our products and services to get the customers the consistent high praise ……

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