Cobalt Chromium blank
Cobalt Chromium blank
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  • Cobalt Chromium blank

    We provide high purity cobalt chromium milling blank, ,specially designed for the use of CAD CAM milling systems.This industrially manufactured material ensures cosistent quality and is suitable for crowns and bridges in the anterior and posterior regions.Any type of veneering ceramics which are suitable for titanium can be used. Sizes available for Round OD 98mm disks with or without step for height between 10mm and 25mm.


    it is more bio-safe,better casting property and excellent polishing property.


    Cocr Blank  applied in Dental CAD/CAM;

    Applied in  Crowns and Bridges of the anterior and posterior regions;

    Any veneering ceramics can be applied in Cocr Blank.


    Cocr composition

    Cocr composition                   Specifications

        Co 60%                          Density: 8.91g/cm3

        Cr 24%                    Vickers Hardness : 390 HV 10

        Mo 4.5%                   E-module: 190kN/mm2

        W 8.5%                     CET: 14.5μmK (20-600° C)

         O 0.35%                      Elongation at break:12%

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