Sintering Furnace TD-1700
Sintering Furnace TD-1700
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  • Sintering Furnance TD-1700 

    Furnace chamber adopts currently the most advanced thermal insulation material, high purity alumina fiber made by unique processing technology:

    1. Good resistance to thermal shock resistance, not easy to crack;

    2. High temperature does not produce volatile matter, ensure that fire materials will not be polluted;

    3. The heat preservation performance is particularly prominent, can reduce 30% of the loss;

    4. The uniform temperature field inside the furnace, and the temperature control precision can be up to + / - 1 ℃;

    5. Weight is only half of the traditional materials.


    Technical parameters:


    Product model


    Chamber of a stove or furnace model

    Automatic elevating

    Display mode

    Touch screen

    Limit temperature


    Working temperature


    Heating rate

    Suggess:10/Min   Max20/Min

    Heating zones

    Temperature range of single

    Temperature zone height


    Temperature zone diameter


    The temperature control accuracy


    Chamber of a stove or furnace shape


    Sealing way

    The disc tray

    The temperature curve

    50 "time - temperature curve" can be set

    Persisting curve

    Article 15 the temperature curve can be

    Overtemperature alarm


    Over current protection


    Broken accidentally prompt


    Temperature measuring element

    B type thermocouple

    Heating element

    Silicon molybdenum rods

    Chamber of a stove or furnace materials

    Alumina fiber

    After-sales service

    12 months warranty

    The packaging mode

    Plywood wooden packaging

    Overall dimensions


    Equipment weight

    Net weight 70 kg, gross weight 85 kg

    Random accessories

    1 the sensor;1 set of tap;1 double protective gloves;1 the crucible tongs;1 set of crucible;Zirconia beads, 200 g;1 specification.


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